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Solar Battery Storage

Intelligent Energy Solutions can provide battery storage and back up systems to work with your new or existing solar PV system.
Battery backup enables you to use more of the electricity that your solar panels generate.  In normal circumstances the power from your roof is used in the property if there is a demand at that time.  If you are generating more than can be used in the property then this is exported to the national grid for a minimal export payment.

Solar battery systems store up surplus power during the day and feed it back into the property in the evening, saving you the full cost of the electricity you would have needed to purchase.  This function operates entirely automatically with no user input required.

Battery Storage During Power Cut

Most people are now aware that most solar panel systems do not operate during power cuts even when the sun is shining.  For most systems this is true for solar battery systems to.  The reason for this is so that engineers working on the networks are not at risk of being electrocuted by your solar panel system.
However, in many cases IES can fit a 'disconnection relay' which can manually disconnect the property from the grid and enable your system to run on battery back up.
This can result in you being the only house with the lights on during a power cut.

Battery Life

Under normal circumstances we would expect batteries to last around 10 years before needing replacement.

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