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Not just any Approved Ecodan Installer!

Approved Ecodan InstallerIntelligent Energy Solutions was one of the first approved Ecodan Installers in the country in 2008.  As a leading Mitsubishi installer we installed one of the first 14kW Ecodan systems in the UK (2008), we also installed one of the first Ecodan FTC3 Cylinder packages in 2011.

When fitting heat pumps it is well recognised that there are plenty of opportunities to get things wrong.  This is why it is critical that you choose an installer with experience to ensure your installation goes without a hitch.
IES have this experience and more...

Multiple Heat Pump Controller

Intelligent Heating ControllerIES has a keen eye for innovation, with support from the EMDA and The Construction iNet, IES developed a specialist controller for multiple heat pump installations.  Historically these types of installations were plumbed as independent systems.  The Intelligent Heating (IH2) controller enables multiple heat pumps to run in harmony together on a single or multiple heating circuits. 

This has enabled IES to offer up to 28kW of heating capacity using a standard 100A single phase electricity supply.  Larger capacities are available for commercial system with 3 phase electricity.

Heat Pump, Wood Burner and Solar Panel Integration

Following the success of the multiple heat pump controller, IES used it's extensive experience to develop an Ecodan system that could integrate with a wood burner, solar thermal system and solar PV system for heating and hot water.  Given the uncontrollable heating nature of a wood burner this posed many technical problems that Intelligent Energy Solutions overcame with a safe, effective and efficient solution.

Contact us now to discuss how we can make the Mitsubishi Ecodan work for you.

It is vital that we assess your installation requirements accurately if your Mitsubishi Ecodan installation is to be effective.  Please contact our team to discuss your requirements on 0800 779 7710.

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