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Why would you use an IES ImmerSun?

ImmerSunIf you have a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system you may have noticed that you are exporting to the grid, typically in the order of 50% of your generated energy.

Now with an IES ImmerSun PV water heating system, you can ‘heat your water for free’ using your own solar generated electricity. Surplus energy from your PV panels is automatically diverted to heat your water using your immersion heater.  This is a great low cost alternative to solar thermal panels/tubes.

The excess free green energy can also be used to power other electrical heating systems such as electric under floor heating, storage heaters, infra-red panels, electric panel heaters.

The IES ImmerSun provides an easy solution to heating your hot water and home with your solar PV panels.
The IES ImmerSUN as standard supports priorities heating of two heating elements.  The system also facilities a cascade option, this feature enables you to direct your surplus electricity to multiple heating elements simultaneously using multiple IES ImmerSun units.

What the IES ImmerSun does...

  • Fits to your existing hot water cylinder – Easy install
  • Re-directs all EXCESS electricity to your immersion heater
  • Cheaper hot water heating bills
  • Immersion heater only uses available electricity from PV system, if there is only 500W of spare electricity it will only use 500W
  • Prioritises powering everything else in the house first, and uses the remaining electricity only
  • Will reduce your heating bills with an estimated payback of 3-5 years.
  • Can fully heat your tank on bright sunny days
  • Low cost alternative to a solar thermal system
  • Installations start from £595 (inc VAT)
Call us to find out more on 01624 223122.

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