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New IES Website & Journal

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Thank you for following this product journal. We have now developed a new website with lots more information, pictures, datasheets and ways of contacting us. This Product Journal will now be archived so this will be the last post. The journal has been replaced by our new renewable energy news and discussion feed.


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Intelligent Energy Solutions is a leading UK provider of solar panels and heat pumps.

IES – Leeds combines Solar Panels, Heat Pump & Wood Burner System

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Leading solar panel and heat pump installer, Intelligent Energy Solutions, have launched their brand new heating system which can combine the benefits of solar PV panels, solar thermal panels, heat pumps and woodburners into one highly efficient system.

Unlike many systems, the dual tank system is able heat hot water for showers and bathing utilising the wood burner, solar thermal panels and heat pump simultaneously. The combination of flat plate heat exchange, thermal store and unvented hot water systems give fantastic water performance when the heat pump runs with or without the solar panels and wood burner. Existing, so called, ‘renewable thermal stores’ historically require heat pump and solar thermal water to be boosted with an immersion heater to over 80 degrees for hot water to function normally. This system, developed by the IES Leeds branch does not require an immersion for this purpose. This gives the customer massive efficiency benefits.

The solar PV panel system contributes by supplying the electricity to run the heat pump, circulation pumps, controllers and any other electricity draws within the property.

IES Leeds Project Manager, David Milne said “The experience at IES has enabled us to develop a unique solution to an age old problem of how to effectively combine different heat sources efficiently.”

For more information contact IES.

Intelligent Energy Solutions is a leading UK provider of solar panels and heat pumps.

‘Pay as you Save’ for Commercial Sector

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

The ‘Pay as you Save’ scheme was unveiled by Ed Miliband in March, with loans expecting to commence in 2012. This allows home owners to install energy saving systems to their homes without the upfront costs. The loan is tied to the home and repaid over a number of years using the savings from the household energy bills. The scheme was targeted at domestic home owners and has been trialled in 500 homes so far.

It has now been announced that the coalition government is set to extend this domestic green retro-fitting scheme to over nearly 3 million business premises! This move could provide a huge boost for the £10bn commercial refit market, after the energy minister Greg Barker decided to extend the scheme to offices and other commercial buildings.

Approximately 2.8m businesses could benefit from the scheme, which would initially target heating and lighting systems for smaller firms.

The borrower would be able to spend the money on a number of energy-saving technologies. Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal will be among the favourites, as well as solid wall insulation. Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps and Wind Turbines will also qualify.

The ‘Pay as you Save’ scheme is ideal for the newly released Feed-in Tariff and also bodes well for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which is due next year. The ‘Pay as you Save’ scheme is one of the first green labour policies to be endorsed in principle by the new coalition government.

Intelligent Energy Solutions is a leading UK provider of solar panels and heat pumps.

BBC Breakfast Interview – Solar PV Panels

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

The BBC breakfast journalist, Phil Lavelle, has visited an Intelligent Energy Solutions customer in Loughborough this morning.

Stephen Adshead talked about how he has made a very shrewd investment taking advantage of the governments new feed in tariff. Phil contrasted this against another homeowner who agreed to a free solar panel installation.

In summary, a free solar panel installation allows the homeowner to save some money off there electricity bill. A purchased system enables the home owner to actually profit from the installation, with much greater financial returns than the free system.

Intelligent Energy Solutions is a leading UK provider of solar panels and heat pumps.

Stephen talked about how the system would generate over £1500 per year in annual revenue, with a free installation the installer takes the vast majority of this benefit and the homeowner has to sign a long 25 contract agreeing the lease of his roof space.

Watch the BBC interview here:-


Free Solar Panels – Great idea but not for everyone!

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Recently there are has much publicity, for example on Radio 4, discussing the financial benefits of solar panels. The latest addition to this discussion is the advent of ‘free’ solar panels. Sounds like a great idea!

For many people a ‘free’ solar panel installation is certainly the right decision. However surprising as it may sound, they are not for everyone. Individuals who either plan to sell their house or have future financial prospects may find a better more financially rewarding solution by actually buying a solar panel installation.

You could be forgiven for wonder why anyone would want to pay for an installation of solar panels if ‘free’ installations are available? The answer is simple, the solar energy that falls on your roof everyday is a fantastic resource that can give you massive financial returns. ‘Free’ installations require the home owner to give up all their rights to harness the true value of this energy, the installer takes all of the benefit (government’s Feed In Tariff) for themselves and the home owner gets the relatively small benefit of some free electricity.

To makes things clearer we can provide some figures. An Intelligent Energy Solutions solar PV installation can start from around £6500 (inc VAT). This system would generate about 850kWh per year. With the governments ‘Feed In Tariffs’ this equates to a total revenue and savings of about £460 per year with a 7% tax free return on investment. This means that to receive the same return on investment as leaving the money in the bank you would require 11.5% bank account (for a high rate tax payer). For larger systems IES can provide a return on investment equivalent to a 16% bank account paying the home owner in the order of £1700 per year. It is for this reason that large investment groups are so keen to use your roof for the realistic saving for you of about £150-200 per year.

To sign up we also expect that homeowners will need to provide a long term legal commitment that the panels will remain on the roof for probably 30 or more years. This can impact significantly on simple things such as maintenance, but could also have more significant implications if you come to sell your home. In 10 years time, solar panels will have reduced in cost and outputs increased, who would buy a house that had an antiquated system that they were legally forced to live with for a further 20 years while another company took all the benefit?

In short you may better off buying a system now that will provide you with an excellent return on investment and have no legal future complications for your property. If you do not have the funds available at present you would be best advised to wait until a time comes when fund are available or even consider borrowing the money as this still makes financial sense.

If you plan on staying in the same property for the next 30 years and you can see no possibility that you will ever have a few thousand pounds to invest then a ‘free’ installation could then be the right decision for you. Frustratingly, many people are entering into these complex legal agreements with no knowledge of the value of the energy on their roof or the possible future complications that this could cause.

For an independent view click here.


Intelligent Energy Solutions is a leading UK provider of solar panels and heat pumps.

Will Solar PV Panels increase the value of my home?

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Installing Solar PV panels has shown to increase your home’s value, shows research carried out in Europe and the United States. The research shows that homes typically sell for £6,500 to £13,000 more than comparable homes without PV. The value is often more than the initial investment to install the system to begin with.

A survey on 2,700 adults in the UK found that, a third of those questioned, responded that they would be willing to pay more for a house with a solar photovoltaic installation, and more than half of those questions would also be interested in looking to whether solar panels would be suitable for them and their home. These findings would suggest that despite the initial outlay costs of installing solar panels, it seems that adding a renewable energy option to your home will go to add financial viability. Philip Sellwood, chief executive of the Energy Saving Trust suggested that it also seems that Britons are willing to pay more for a property with a renewable energy source, which could be as attractive, if not more, to a house hunter as a new fitted kitchen.


Intelligent Energy Solutions is a leading UK provider of solar panels and heat pumps.

PV & Wind FiTs – Who’s Eligible?

Monday, May 24th, 2010

With the subject of FiTs and ROCs flying around everywhere, it’s hard to know – Who’s entitled to what…

FiT: Came into force in the UK on April 1st 2010.

ROC: Came into effect in the UK on April 1st 2002.

All technologies commissioned on or after 15th July 2009 are entitled to the new government incentive of 41.3p/kWh produced under the FiT scheme. All technologies before this date are only entitled to 9p/kWh. This only applies however, to those that were receiving ROCs.

If you don’t fit into this category, then things begin to get a little complicated. Take a look at our FiT and ROCs eligibility flowchart which can help you get to the bottom of any queries. Answer the questions accordingly to find your answer.

Unfortunately if your system was installed before 15th July 2009 and isn’t accredited under RO then you will not be eligible for the FiTs.

Any installations from July 15th 2009, installed by Intelligent Energy Solutions, are eligible for the FiTs!

The following websites may also be of benefit to you, to see if you are eligible:



Intelligent Energy Solutions is a leading UK provider of solar panels and heat pumps.

Feed In Tariff Factsheet

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Intelligent Energy Solutions launches their new factsheet for the Feed in Tariff (FiT). The factsheet includes:-

  1. Information about the feed in tariff for both photovoltaic and wind power systems
  2. List of frequently asked questions
  3. A worked example of how to calculate the available revenue/savings
  4. A guide as to how to apply for the FiT

You can view the Feed in Tariff fact sheet here. If you have any problems downloading please contact us.


Intelligent Energy Solutions is a leading UK provider of solar panels and heat pumps.

Solar Panel Cost

Friday, May 7th, 2010

The primary question that most people are interested in at this moment in time is “What are the costs associated with Solar Panels?”
The first thing to determine is which type of panel you are most suitable for you. As a general rule of thumb we would advise that solar thermal panels (for heating domestic water) are the lowest investment cost starting from around £3000 (inc VAT, after £400 grant). PhotoVoltaic panels can offer a much higher rate of return but requires a larger initial investment.
PV solar panels historically were less cost effective than solar thermal panels but due to the massive government incentives that came into law at the beginning of April this year (2010) PV panels are very much the panels of choice for the discerning investor.
As an example a 4kW PV system can cost around £18,500 (inc VAT and scaffolding), this will generate around £1800 per year in revenue and savings, this gives a return on investment of almost 10%. It is also worth remembering that this revenue is tax free which, for a high rate tax payer, is the equivalent to a 16% bank account.

Intelligent Energy Solutions is a leading UK provider of solar panels and heat pumps.

Affordable Solar Energy – PV & Thermal

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

How affordable is solar energy today?

The government has and is making massive changes to how solar panels operate in commercial and domestic premises.

Solar Photovoltaics

With the new Feed In Tariff (FIT) paying up to 41.3p/kWh for every unit of electricity generated solar photovoltaics (PV) are now an investment that cannot be ignored. For example a 4kW PV system can now offer a Return on Investment of up to 10% tax free. This makes solar PV more affoardble than ever.

Solar Thermal

Does this leave solar thermal systems out in the cold. Well, not for long. The government outlined a new Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) that is planned to come into law in April 2011. This scheme plans to pay 18p/kWh for every unit of heat generated by the system. The RHI will certainly put solar thermal system back on the map.

So our conclusion is that Solar Panels have never been so affordable.

Intelligent Energy Solutions is a leading UK provider of solar panels and heat pumps.