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MCS Deadline for Legacy Installations

MCS Deadline for Legacy Installations

Published on 09/09/2013

The Government has confirmed that after 4pm on 22nd October 2013 it will not be possible to MCS register legacy renewable heating installations (heat pumps, solar thermal and biomass).

All renewable heating system owners that were fitted since 15th July 2009 should check to ensure that they have the appropriate MCS certification.  If you do not you should contact your installer urgently.

After 4pm on 22nd October 2013 it will no longer be possible to MCS register legacy installations.

Therefore in order to ensure future RHI eligibility, system owners need to make sure that they have MCS certificates for any heat pump, biomass or solar thermal installation completed between now and July 15th 2009.

Installations completed before 15th July 2009 will not need an MCS certificate as they will not be eligible for the pending RHI.
IES customers who have installations completed from now on will have an MCS certificate created as normal.

Any system owners who successfully received a renewable heat premium payment (RHPP) will have already obtained a certificate for this application.

If you are an IES customer and think that you may not have your certificate/s then please contact us urgently by email or telephone.

You can read the latest details here:-


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