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Solar Panel & Inverter Manufacturing Partners

Intelligent Energy Solutions work with all the major manufacturers within the solar industry.

Here are some examples of the manufactures we work with, the exact product that is right for you will depend on your particular circumstances.  Contact one of our energy consultants to find out more.

Solar Panels

  • REW Solar - Premium and Classic Solar Modules
  • ZN Shine - Gallium coatings with outstanding performance warranties
  • Sanyo - High Efficiency for Small Roofs
  • Sharp - UK Assembled Solar Modules
  • Suntech - Low Cost Chinese Solar Modules
  • Mitsubishi Electric - Japanese Solar Modules
  • Solar Century - Roof Integrated Solar Tiles / Slates
  • Sungrid Solar - Premium Solar Modules (discontinued, historic reference only)


Mounting Equipment

  • Hilti - Quality Mounting Kit
  • Schuco - Standard Mounting Kit & Solar Modules

Advanced Controls

  • IES ImmerSun - Divert excess electricity to your hot water cylinder

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