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Ideal for...

Ideal for...

  • High return investment
  • Free electricity
  • Reducing electricity bills
  • Reducing Co2 impact
  • Simple installation

Solar Product Specifications

Intelligent Energy Solutions is not affiliated to any one manufacturer.  We make special effort to understand your requirements in detail which enables us to tailor a solution to meet your needs.  For long term performance and reliability we may recommend REC and REW Premium modules, for projects focused on cost and Co2 objectives we would suggest a manufacturer such a Suntech.  SMA or SolarMax Inverters are usually recommended due to their high efficiency.

Here are the appropriate specification sheets for the products that we work with.

Solar Photovoltaic Modules

There are many solar photovoltaic modules available with significant differences in cost, quality and performance.  The following download links provide product specification and warranty information.

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REC 250w PE Series

REW Prem Plus 240W QM60 Full Black Solar Module

REW Prem Plus 225-240W UM60 All Black Solar Module
REW Prem Plus 215-240W UM96 All Black Solar Module
REW Prem Plus 210-230W UM60 All Black Solar Module
REW Classic 235/240/245/250/255 Solar Module
ZN Shine 250W Black Gallium Solar Module
Suntech STP240/245 S-20/Wd Module Datasheet
Suntech STP245/250 S-20/Wd+ Module Datasheet
Sanyo HIT HIP-205/210/215 NKHE5 Hybrid Module Datasheet
Sanyo HIT-N230/235/240SE10 Hydrid Module Datasheet
Sharp NU180/185 Monocrystalline Module Datasheet
Sharp NU240/245/250 Monocrystalline Module Datasheet
SolarCentury C21E 47W Tile Solar Modules Datasheet
SolarCentury C21E 47W Slate Solar Module Datasheet
Sungrid SG260M6 Monocrystalline Module Datasheet

Solar Accessories

IES iBoost
IES ImmerSUN Installation and User Guide V1.2

Warranty Documents

SunGrid Superior Warranty
Suntech Standard Warranty
Sanyo Standard Warranty
Sharp Standard Warranty
ZN Shine Standard Warranty

Solar Inverters

Due to consistently high reliability and performance, Intelligent Energy Solutions default to using SMA inverters.  On occasion we also use other inverters manufacturers such as Fronius, Kostal and Power One.

SMA Inverters
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SMA Sunny Boy 1200/1700/2500/3000 Inverter Datasheet
SMA Sunny Boy 2000/3000HF Inverter Datasheet
SMA Sunny Boy 3000/4000/5000TL Inverter Datasheet
SMA Sunny Boy 3300/3800 Inverter Datasheet

Fronius Inverters

Fronius IG15/20/30/40/60HV Inverter Datasheet

Solar Max P Series Inverters

Solar Max P Series Datasheet

Warranty Documents

SMA Warranty Sheet

If the document you are looking for is not here please contact our office for further guidance on 0800 779 7710.

We work with a number of other manufacturers which you can find out about here.

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