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Ideal for...

Ideal for...

  • Water conservation
  • Reducing water bills
  • Car washing
  • Toilet flushing
  • Washing machines
  • Garden irrigation

Rainwater System Options

There are two primary types of rainwater harvesting system:-
  • Direct
  • Indirect


Direct systems are configured so that the rainwater is pumped directly from the tank to the outlets, ie the toilet cistern or garden taps.
This system is lowest in cost and will function reliably for many years.
The advantages of a direct system are:-
  • Simple installation
  • No space required for header tank
The mains water backup is fed directly into the underground tank in the event of a shortage of rainwater.


Indirect systems pump the rainwater to a header tank usually in the roof.  This header tank is then used to feed various outlets around the home.  The advantage of an indirect system are:-
  • Rainwater outlets can operate during a power cut
The mains water backup is fed directly into the header tank rather than the underground tank.  This means that the tanks will remain topped up during a power failure and the gravity will enable rainwater outlets to be satisfied as normal.

Both rainwater harvesting configurations function well but we would typically recommend indirect systems for larger installations or when there are frequent power cuts.

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