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Ideal for...

Ideal for...

  • Invisible heating
  • Luxurious heated floors
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Maximum heating efficiency
  • Reducing Co2 impact
  • Heat pumps

Underfloor Heating Options

Depending on the floor construction there are many ways of fitting underfloor heating.  At Intelligent Energy Solutions we have vast experience of not only fitting underfloor heating with insulation and poured screed but also retrofitting underfloor heating on suspended floors or existing solid floors without removing excessive head room.

The primary techniques are as follows:-

Underfloor Heating Solid Floors
  • Screed over insulation
  • Insulation under slab
  • Battened Floor
  • Battened floor with aluminium diffuser plate

Underfloor Heating Suspended Floors
  • Between Joists with Aluminium diffuser plates
  • Between Joist with dry sand cement screed
  • Battened Floor - over existing floor

Please contact our consultant team to determine which is best for your underfloor heating project.

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