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Ideal for...

Ideal for...

  • High return investment
  • Free electricity
  • Reducing electricity bills
  • Reducing Co2 impact
  • Simple installation

Solar Panels - Roof Configurations

Solar PV systems can be mounted in various configurations depending on available space, angle and orientation.

On Roof InstallationPV Slate on roof leicester.jpg

This type of configuration involves the solar modules sitting on top of the existing roof covering.  This is the most common configuration as it provides a simple low cost solution.  Solar panels are available in Black or Silver.

In Roof InstallationPV Slates Integrated Leicester

In roof involves integrating the panels or tiles into the roof covering.  This gives an aesthetic benefit but also increases the installation cost.  Large panels or pv tiles can be integrated into existing and new roofs.

Flat Roof / Ground Installation

Flat roofs gives more flexibility in terms of orientation and installation angle.  Given that the collector sits significantly (>200mm) above  the existing roof covering or ground planning permission is usually required for this type of installation.

Wall MountedEcohouse Mountsorrel PV wall mounted

Solar electricity panels can be mounted flat or at an angle on a wall.  Angular mounting would normally require planning permission.  The image shows a combination of angled, wall mounted panels and on roof mounting.

Solar PV Tracker CirencesterGround Mounted Tracker

Electricity output can be maximized by fitting the panels onto a tracking system which follows the sun throughout the day.  This will significantly increase the performance of the system.  IES offers dual axis tracking systems that sense the suns position.

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