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Ideal for...

Ideal for...

  • Invisible heating
  • Luxurious heated floors
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Maximum heating efficiency
  • Reducing Co2 impact
  • Heat pumps

Underfloor Heating

An underfloor heating system consists of a set of heated pipes beneath the floor.  This enables all floors to be luxuriously warm with no need for unsightly radiators.  Underfloor heating is compatible with most floor coverings including carpet, wood and tiles*. 
The gentle heat from the floor gives more uniform heating which is more efficient and cost effective to run than conventional methods.

By heating the water in these pipes, systems create little noise, are virtually maintenance free, and very easy to control. Our underfloor heating systems work well with any of our heat pumps to provide optimal energy efficiency.

Retrofit and new build

Contrary to popular belief our underfloor heating systems cannot only be fitted in new build properties but can also easily be retrofitted in an existing home.  Additionally underfloor heating can be fitted in solid ground or suspended floors.

Underfloor Heating Diffuser Plates

*You should always inform your flooring supplier that you intend to use underfloor heating.
underfloor heating

Wet vs Electric

'Wet' underfloor heating is described as wet because it transfers heat using water in the underfloor pipes.  A popular alternative to wet underfloor heating is to fit an electric system.  We recently fitted an excellent example of this system for the American Sailing Association. Electric underfloor heating seems attractive in retrofit situation as it only requires a thin 'mat' of electric wires to be fitted into the floor and therefore no head height is compromised.

Homeowners however are usually unaware of the very high running costs of electric underfloor heating with many home owners only turning on the electric underfloor heating on 'special occasions'.  Our wet underfloor heating systems are different.  Our systems have lower running costs than conventional radiators and can be fitted into a floor depth of as little as 20mm if required.

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